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The Journey of Ruko: Igniting Joy and Inspiring Imagination

About Ruko

Ruko was founded in 2017 and is located in the innovation hub of technology, Shenzhen. In the same year, the Ruko brand was registered globally in various countries. We focus on the design and development of consumer electronic products for home entertainment, holding multiple invention and utility model patents. We possess a range of proprietary knowledge software control systems and are recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.

The founder of Ruko has a passionate love for drones, and the power of flight comes from the love and dreams within the heart. Through drones, we explore and discover different perspectives — exploring boundless realms. We capture, record, and share the happiness of family life — from childhood to adulthood, an intelligent companion.

Our aim is to provide high-quality products made in China to users worldwide who love the blue sky and enjoy a smart and playful family life. Ruko is committed to becoming an internationally renowned consumer electronics brand. With years of deep cultivation in the North American and European markets, we understand user psychology and needs, having millions of users. We continuously refine, upgrade, and enrich our product line, constantly improving and enhancing our rapid supply chain integration and management capabilities. We value user feedback and apply it to product improvement, upgrades, and quality control.

User feedback guides Ruko's continuous progress, and user satisfaction with our products and services is our unwavering pursuit.

Clearer, Professional fun, Childhood dream

The Ruko Gimbal drone stands out for its exceptionalstability and high-quality 4k imaging.

As adults, we find joy in releasing our inner child withhigh-quality toys,which can also serve practical purposesbeyond just play.

At Ruko, we strive to create technologically-advancedproducts that are not only aesthetically pleasing but alsofun and user-friendly. Our ultimate aim is to becomea reliable and trusted brand for every family.

Who Are We

Our company is primarily composed of post-95s and post-2000s individuals, boasts a youthful team structure. With a flat management approach, our company provides members ample space to unleash their personal creativity.

A collaborative and supportive work environment fosters camaraderie among colleagues, allowing each individual to continuously learn new knowledge and acquire fresh skills. Everyone works with cheerful smiles, striving for rapid growth in pursuit of business objectives and the realization of personal value.

What Do We Value

Strivers: Persevere unwaveringly, move forward courageously, work diligently, and achieve results.

Expertise: Meticulous and rigorous, efficient communication, goal-oriented, attentive to both the process and outcomes. Execute efficiently, strive for continuous improvement in organizational efficiency, discard excuses, and take responsibility for results.

User-Centric: User needs and feedback guide Ruko's growth direction.

Innovation and Progress: Encourage partners to continuously explore new technologies, skills, and methods. Embrace a culture of learning and sharing, pursue excellence through continuous improvement.

Collective Growth: Develop and perfect a value mechanism that fosters mutual growth between the company and partners.

Our Products

Ruko, a company dedicated to outdoor, family, life, and entertainment products, offers an exciting range of options:

The drone series includes HD gimbal camera drone F11GIM2; classic 4k HD drone F11PRO; portable drone U11PRO for beginner;

The fun toys series includes a variety of game modes-- 1088 robots and 1601AMP RC-car that stimulate children's imagination and creativity.

In addition, the smart charging Series, which will launch around late 2023 to early 2024, Such as R1500, caters to various outdoor activities such as camping or as an emergency backup power source.

We are committed to bringing our customers an excellent experience and continue introducing more compelling and practical innovative products.