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Image Transmission
Flight Performance
Remote Controller


  • Is the F11PRO battery cross-compatible with that of the F11?

  • How long does it take to charge the F11PRO battery?

    It takes about 4.5 hours when using 5V 2A-3A adapter.
  • What is the maximum power supported by the F11PRO charger?

    Better to use 10W-15W adapter,(output currency 5V 2A-3A)
  • How often does the F11PRO battery need to be charged and discharged?How to maintain it?

    It is recommended to charge and discharge it once a month, do not store it fully charged, and keep 50-60% of the charge. Store in a cool environment and avoid high temperature exposure.
  • What are the common settings for the F11PRO battery switch button?

    Long press until the 4th light turns on: turn on the drone; Long press until the fourth light goes out: turn off the drone.

Image Transmission

  • What's F11PRO WiFi name?? How do we connect to F11PRO's WiFi?

    Turn on the phone WiFi and find a WiFi(RUKO-Pro-*****) without a password;
  • What should I pay attention to after F11PRO is connected to WiFi?

    Pay attention to open the network permissions, close the VPN, and maintain the fluency of the mobile phone
  • What image transmission technology is used by the F11PRO aircraft?

    5.8G enhanced Wi-Fi image transmission technology.
  • What is F11PRO’s maximum video transmission resolution?

  • What is the normal range of the F11PRO video transmission delay?

    170ms to 240ms (affected by flight environment and mobile device performance).
  • What should I do if the image transmission of F11PRO freezes and the delay is obvious?

    1. It is recommended to fly in an open and unobstructed place with less interference from wireless signals. 2. When flying long distances, raise the height of the drone, turn on the antenna of the remote control, and point the remote control and mobile phone at the aircraft. 3. Close other running programs in the background of the mobile device to maintain the best performance of the mobile device.
  • What is the F11PRO maximum transmission distance?

    The maximum image transmission radius is 500 m (in an open and undisturbed environment) The image transmission distance is directly related to the phone and the environment, and the signal received by mobile phones of different manufacturers is different.

Flight Performance

  • How does F11PRO connect to GPS signal?

    Choose an open outdoor place, the drone will auto search for GPS signals (search time is about 1-2 minutes. According to the environment)
  • Can F11PRO find GPS signals indoors, under a tree, next to a building?

    No, GPS signals cannot be searched in obstructed places.
  • Can F11PRO fly without search GPS signal?

    You can turned off the GPS Mode to fly, but the flight will be unstable, and auto return to home function will don't work.
  • What are the preparations for the F11PRO drone before flying?

    1. First extend the arm and check the propeller. 2. Carefully remove the gimbal cover. 3. The drone is placed on a level ground.
  • How to pair the remote control with the drone on the F11PRO drone

    1. Turn on the power of the drone and the remote control 2. Push the left joystick of the remote control to the direction of 12 o'clock first, and then push it to the direction of 6 o'clock 3. When the frequency binding is successful, the white indicator light in the upper left corner of the remote control is always on
  • Why are the lights of the drones in red when I turn on the F11PRO?

    1. Turn on the power of the drone separately (the remote control does not turn on). 2. The drone is in a low power state.
  • Why is the drone light pink after F11PRO pair?

    When the drone is turned on, as long as the remote control is powered on, the fuselage will enter the pink indicator light state.
  • Does F11PRO need to be calibrated before every flight?

    Yes, every calibration can keep the drone flying stably and safely.

Remote Controller

  • Is the F11PRO remote controller cross-compatible with that of the F11?

    Yes, they can be used interchangeably.
  • How does the F11PRO remote controller operate one-key take-off and landing?

    After unlocking the motor, press the button ⑥, one button take off with auto hover ; One button landing;
  • What size does F11PRO remote control Mobile Device Holder support?

    Up to 81mm
  • How to switch the attitude mode of F11PRO drone?

    Press and hold the compass button in the upper left corner to switch GPS mode/attitude mode, and the attitude mode cannot be used for fixed-point flight. Functions with GPS (return home, fixed-point flight, GPS follow, surround, route planning, etc.) cannot be used in attitude mode When using the drone outdoors, the attitude mode cannot be switched after the drone searches for a GPS signal (F11PRO is not recommended to fly in attitude mode, as the inability to fly at a fixed point will make it difficult to operate the drone)
  • How to use emergency stop for F11PRO drone?

    The emergency stop can only be used within the effective height range of 13 meters to 15 meters, and the drone will lose power and fall freely. It is recommended to use it in emergency situations to avoid unnecessary losses.
  • What is the battery capacity, charging time and usage time of the F11PRO remote controller?

    Battery Cpacity: 300mAh; Charging Time: about 50 minutes; Remote Controller Time: about 10 hours.


  • What is the APP of F11PRO?

  • Does F11PRO have a recording function?

    The drone side does not support recording; after the recording function is turned on on the mobile app side, recordings can be added to the video.
  • Does F11PRO have a follow me function?

    Yes, click GPS Follow function on the APP, and the drone will enter the follow mode.
  • Where can the F11PRO APP be downloaded?

    You can scan the code in the user manual to download or search for "RUKO PRO" in the play store.
  • What should we to do after downloading the F11PRO APP?

    1. Set the APP permissions. 2. Load the APP page map.


  • Is the F11PRO propeller, arm, lampshade, landing gear cross-compatible with that of the F11?

  • What's F11PRO accessories I can buy?

    Remote controller, drone body, battery, propeller, lampshade, landing gear, arm, charging cable.


  • Which motor does the F11PRO drone use?

    F11 Pro drone use 1503 brushless motor
  • How often do F11PRO propellers need to be replaced?

    Before each flight, it is necessary to check the propellers for cracks, wear, warp, corrosion, and loose screws. If any of these conditions are present, the propellers should be replaced. Follow the instructions in the user manual to replace the propellers.
  • What is the maximum flying altitude of the F11PRO drone?

    The maximum flight altitude is 120 m.
  • What is the max flight speed of the F11PRO aircraft?

    The max horizontal flight speed (no wind) is:8.5M/S
  • What are the reasons for the F11PRO aircraft's height and distance limit?

    a. In novice mode, the drone will be restricted to fly within a radius of 30 meters. b. Set flight altitude and flight distance limits during flight c. When the drone is low in power, it will be restricted to fly within a radius of 30 meters.
  • What is the maximum flight time of F11PRO?

    30 minutes (measured while flying in windless conditions).


  • What is the angle of view of the F11PRO lens?

    The camera with a 𝟏𝟐𝟎°FOV lens,there is a certain deformation when shooting in some scenes.
  • How long can the F11PRO use a 32G microSD card to record video?

    32 GB microSD card. Recording for more than 90 minutes.
  • What are the maximum photo and video resolutions supported by F11PRO?

    Photo Resolutions 3840x2160P Video 2.9K 25fps
  • Can F11PRO support downloading pictures and videos on the microSD card to mobile devices?

    Yes. After connecting to the drone's WiFi, you can download it in the APP album.
  • How does F11PRO complete the self-check and enter the working state?

    After pair, the camera will auto rotate up and down. Please ensure that there is enough space under the camera.
  • How many degrees can the F11PRO camera be adjusted?

    0° to -90° adjustment


  • What materials can I refer to for getting started learning F11PRO?

    Users can refer to the user manual and instructional videos, and you could get them in the RUKO PRO APP.
  • Does F11PRO have find lost drone function?

    Yes. The APP map will auto record the last landing point when the drone’s WiFi signal and GPS signal connected are fine.
  • Does F11PRO support make the aircraft return to the Home Point by pressing one button?

    Yes. The drone can return to home in GPS mode. Always be sure to observe the surrounding environment carefully and set a proper altitude to avoid obstacles when using the Return to Home function.
  • Can the F11PRO drone auto return to home when the power is low?

    Yes. The drone can auto calculate the battery power. When the power is low, the drone will return home auto according to the flying distance and power.
  • Can the F11PRO drone auto return home when it loses connection with the remote controller?

    Yes. When the remote controller loses signal connection with the drone for about 6 seconds, the drone will auto return to home.
  • Can F11PRO take photos and videos without microSD card?

    Yes, but the resolution of the video taken without a memory card is low (1280x720P). It is recommended to install a memory card with a card speed of 10 or higher (2976x1680P).
  • Does F11PRO support microSD cards?

    Yes. Recommend using the microSD card below 32G. And speed class is Class10.
  • What is the F11PRO positioning system?

    Satellite System: GPS+GLONASS

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