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Image Transmission
Flight Performance
Remote Controller


  • Does U11PRO's battery support sharing with U11?

    not support
  • Does the U11PRO battery support fast charging?

    not support
  • How long does it take to fully charge the U11PRO battery?

    Use the 5V=2A-3A charging head for about 2.5 hours at the fastest.
  • What is the maximum power supported by the U11PRO charger?

    Power support 10-15W, (5V=2A-3A)
  • How long does the U11PRO battery need to be charged, discharged and stored?

    It is recommended to charge and discharge once a month, maintain 50-60% of the electricity, and store in a cool environment to avoid high-temperature exposure.
  • What are the common settings for the U11PRO battery switch button?

    Long press until 4 lights are on: turn on the aircraft Long press until 4 lights go out: turn off the drone

Image Transmission

  • What is the WiFi name of U11PRO? How do we connect to U11PRO's WiFi?

    Open the WiFi section of your phone and find a WiFi name without a password; RUKO-U11PRO-******
  • What should I pay attention to after U11PRO is connected to WiFi?

    Some Android phones may pop up the WiFi connection setting after connecting to WiFi. Please read the setting options carefully, otherwise, the picture transmission screen may not be seen.
  • What is the highest resolution of U11PRO real-time image transmission?

  • What is the video transmission delay of U11PRO?

    170-240ms (affected by the flight environment and mobile device performance)
  • U11PRO's image transmission freezes, and how to deal with it when the delay is obvious?Close other running programs in the background of the mobile device to maintain the best performance of the mobile device.

    1. It is recommended to fly in an open and unobstructed place with less interference from wireless signals. 2. When flying long distances, raise the height of the drone, turn on the antenna of the remote control, and point the remote control and mobile phone at the aircraft. 3. Close other running programs in the background of the mobile device to maintain the best performance of the mobile device.
  • How to increase the prompt sound of the U11PRO mobile phone APP when it is small?

    Open the phone to set the ringtone size setting, and turn up the volume.
  • What is the maximum transmission distance of U11PRO?

    The maximum image transmission radius is 500 meters in open space without interference, and the image transmission distance is directly related to the mobile phone and the environment.

Flight Performance

  • How often do U11PRO propellers need to be replaced?

    Before each flight, it is necessary to check the propellers for cracks, wear, warp, corrosion, and loose screws. If any of these conditions are present, the propellers should be replaced. Follow the instructions in the user manual to replace the propellers.
  • What is the maximum flying altitude of the U11PRO drone?

    The maximum flight altitude is 120 m.
  • What is the maximum altitude of U11PRO?

    2000 m
  • Why is U11PRO limited in height and far?

    a. In novice mode, the drone will be restricted to fly within a radius of 30 meters. b. Set flight altitude and flight distance limits during flight c. When the drone is low in power, it will be restricted to fly within a radius of 30 meters.
  • What is the longest flight time of U11PRO?

    Flying at a constant speed for 26 minutes in a windless environment
  • What are the preparations for the U11PRO drone flight?

    1. First extend the arm and check the propeller. 2. Carefully remove the gimbal cover. 3. The drone is placed on a level ground.
  • Do U11PRO drones need to connect to drone WiFi before flying?

    Yes, otherwise you can’t see the pictures and record the flight position of the aircraft
  • How does U11PRO complete geomagnetic calibration?

    After the drone is successfully paired with the remote control, first rotate the drone horizontally for 2 circles, then vertically for 2 circles, and complete the geomagnetic calibration according to the prompts on the App.
  • Does the U11PRO UAV need to calibrate the compass every time before flying?

    Every time you turn it on, every time you calibrate it can keep the drone flying stably and safely

Remote Controller

  • Will there be a reminder sound when the U11PRO drone is low battery or returning home?

    The remote control supports two-way perception, and there will be a sound reminder
  • How much mobile device can the U11PRO remote control hold?

    Minimum width 60cm~maximum width 85cm
  • How does the U11PRO drone fly indoors?

    Long press the GPS switch button to turn off the GPS mode and enter the attitude mode, the attitude mode cannot automatically return to home
  • What is the battery capacity, charging time and usage of the U11PRO remote control?

    The battery capacity is 3.7V 500mAh; it takes about 1 hour to fully charge; the use time is about 3.5 hours.


  • Which APP is used by U11PRO?

    RUKO Fly.
  • Does U11PRO have a recording function?

    The drone side does not support recording; after the recording function is turned on on the mobile app side, recordings can be added to the video.
  • Does U11PRO have follow, circle flight, and route planning functions?

  • How can I download the U11PRO APP?

    You can scan the code in the user manual to download or search for ROUKO GPS in the Apple Google Store to download.
  • What should I do after downloading the U11PRO APP?

    To download for the first time, set the APP permissions and load the APP page map.


  • Which parts can be replaced by U11PRO?

    Propeller, arm
  • Are U11PRO's blades and arms compatible with U11?

    Not universal
  • Which parts does U11PRO support separately?

    Remote control, drone body, battery, propeller blades, arm, charging cable.


  • How long can the U11PRO use a 32G microSD card to record video?

    Photo Resolutions 3840x2160P Video 1920×1080P 25fps
  • What are the maximum photo and video resolutions supported by U11PRO?

    Phone storage photos: 3840x2160P Memory card storage video: 2560×1440p, 25fps; 3840×2160p, 15fps
  • Can U11PRO support downloading pictures and videos from the memory card to mobile devices?

  • How many degrees can the U11PRO camera be adjusted?

    0° to -90° adjustment


  • I am a beginner, where can I find the tips about using U11PRO

    Yes. The APP map will automatically record the last landing point when the drone’s WiFi signal and GPS signal connected are fine.
  • Does U11PRO have a function to find lost drones?

    Dimension: 5.9*3.94*2.36 inch (Folded) Weight: 9.81oz
  • What is the size and weight of the U11PRO drone?

    Yes. The drone has Optical Flow Positioning, please pay attention to safe flight when flying indoors.
  • Does U11PRO support indoor flight?

    Yes. Always be sure to observe the surrounding environment and set a proper altitude to avoid obstacles when using the Return to Home function.
  • Does U11PRO support automatic Return to Home (RTH)?

    Yes. The drone can automatically calculate the battery power. When the power is low, the drone will return home automatically according to the flying distance and power.
  • Can the U11PRO drone automatically return home when the power is low?

    Yes. But the video pixels are lower (720P).
  • Can U11PRO take photos and videos without a micro SD card?

    Yes, but the resolution of the video taken without a memory card is low (720P). It is recommended to install a memory card with a card speed of 10 or higher (2560×1440p, 25fps; 3840×2160p, 15fps).
  • Does U11PRO support microSD cards?

    32 GB microSD card. Recording for more than 90 minutes.


  • How does U11PRO connect to GPS signal?

    In an open outdoor area, the drone will automatically search for GPS satellite signals, (the search time is about 1-2 minutes. Depending on the environment)
  • Can U11PRO search for GPS signals under a tree, next to a building, or indoors?

    No, GPS signals cannot be searched in obstructed places.
  • Can U11PRO fly without searching GPS?

    Yes, after switching the attitude mode, you can use the visual positioning lens at the bottom of the fuselage to position the flight. The effective height of the visual positioning is within 5 meters. If it exceeds 5 meters, it may be affected by gravity and airflow and will drift.

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